Best Way To Record Screen on IPhone 6/6S/7 Plus With Audio For Gameplay

So you want to be a youtuber but can’t seem to record your gameplay on the mobile devices eg. iPhone/iPads?

The best way to record your iPhone screen gameplay would be through Quicktime on your Mac device. QuickTime is so simple to use and it supports playing video and audio files in various formats as well. Quicktime does also provides desktop screen recording and iOS screen capturing capabilities at it’s best.

The reason why I am recommending to record through Quicktime is that the connection is wired through lightning cable and it doesn’t put stress on your phone by simultaneously recording and playing/working at the same time. Say bye to poor quality videos!

Simple guide to the best way to record your new iPhone 7 screen using QuickTime.

  • Connect your iPhone¬†6/6S/7 Plus to Mac via a USB lightning cable.
  • Open the QuickTime player, go to “File” menu and select “New Movie Recording”
  • Choose your iPhone¬†6/6S/7 Plus device, the screen will be stream to your computer
  • Initiate record button to start capturing your videos!

As for now, you can only select one audio output in the recording. So you can’t simultaneously record your voice and gameplay audio at the same time. You might want to check out Soundflower for solutions.

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