Mobile Legends : Hylos Item, Skill Build and Strategy Guide

Hylos ItemYet again, Mobile Legends released another new hero named Hylos. As he might be the next tank hero that dominates the battlefield, here are some of the details you may wish to know about the new tank hero in Mobile Legends Hylos.

Mobile Legends Hylos belongs to the tank category and similar to all tank heroes, he has incredibly high amount of health points and regeneration ability to survive in the battlefield. Read on for possible item build and skills information.


Mobile Legends Hylos costs 32000 Battle Points or 599 Diamonds.

Choosing the correct Emblem plays an important role in ranked matches. Be sure to select the correct Emblem before starting the game.

Hylos Item Build

Hylos itemHylos Item Build #1 Warrior Boots
+22 Armor, +40 Movement Speed
Valor: Physical defense will go up 3 with each basic attack recived, for an increase of up to 15 points, lasting 3s

Hylos Item Build #2 Blade Armor
+90 Armour
Counterstrike: Deals 25% of opponent’s physical attack as physical damage to an attacker when a basic attack is received.

Hylos Item Build #3 Athena’s Shield
+900 HP, +56 Magic Resistance
Refuge: Every 30s get one shield that can absorb 45-1150 damage. (Shield effect increases as the battle goes on)

Hylos Item Build #4 Heart Of Steel
+880 HP, +30 Armor, +35 HP Regen, +20% Crit strike rate reduction

Hylos Item Build #5 Immortality
+800 HP, +40Magic Resistance
Rebirth: Resurrect 2s after dying and get 15% HP and a shield that can absorb damage equal to 40% max HP. Shield lasts for 3s. Cooldown for this effect is 180s

Hylos Item Item Build #6 Blood Thirsty King
+1550 HP, +75 HP Regen
Bloodlust: A kill or assist regenerates 20% of hero’s HP within 5s


Skill 1:[Law and Order]
Gathers natures energy and fire an energy ball at the locked on target dealing magical damage and stunning.

Skill 2:[Ring of Punishment]
Releases the power of the centaurs to summon a Ring of Punishment, that deals magical damage every second to surrounding enemies while also stacking Warden’s Fury, every stack of Warden’s Fury will reduce the enemy’s movement speed and their attack speed, will also take increased damage from Ring of Punishment, Warden’s Fury can only be stacked a certain amount of times.

Ultimate:[Glorious Pathway]
Creates a glorious pathway that lasts temporarily, Hylos will heal a percentage of maximum health every second while on the pathway, Allies will have their movement speed increased when moving towards the pathway, enemies moving from the pathway will have their movement speed decreased.

Passive:[Thickened Blood]
A certain amount of mana received from equipment and emblems will also give Hylos a certain amount of health. When mana is not enough, health can be used to cast skills instead.


Despite his bizarre appearance, the new tank hero Hylos in Mobile Legends definitely packs a punch. While it is not known whether Mobile Legends Hylos will be nerfed in future, he is definitely a good investment for tank lovers! Grab him and start your glorious pathway to Mythical rank.

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