Mobile Legends : Kagura Item, Skill Build and Strategy Guide

Kugura itemMobile Legends Kagura is definitely one of the strongest mages in the game right now. After the recent update in Season 6, the meta switches to mage. If you are still playing a marksman, this is definitely the time for a switch to mage line. In the post below, we will be highlighting possible Kagura item and skill build.
Kagura belongs to the mage category in Mobile Legends. With her shield and mobility, she is one of the toughest mage in the game. However, Kagura is a tough hero to master and you definitely want to practice in classic matches before moving on to ranked games.

Interesting Fact – Kagura received a rework in her ultimate in recent update, turning Kagura into a popular hero in Season 6.

Kagura costs 32000 battle points or 599 diamonds.

Choosing the correct Emblem plays an important role in ranked matches. Be sure to select the correct Emblem before starting the game.

Kugura Item Build

Kagura itemKugura Item Build #1 Enchanted Talisman
+55 Magic Power, +400 HP, +25 Mana Regen, +20% Cool down Reduction
Mana Spring: A kill or assist regenerates 20% of hero’s Mana within 5 seconds

Kugura Item Build #2 Arcane Boots
+25 Magic Damage Reduction, +40 Movement Speed

Kugura Item Build #3 Holy Crystal
+90 Magic Power, +25% Magic Power
Exterminate: After a skill hits a target, magic attacks will immediately increase 15%. The next skill damage will terminate this effect. This effect can last up to 3s with a built-in cool down time of 10s

Kugura Item Build #4 Glowing Wand
+75 Magic Power, +5% Movement Speed, +15 Magic Penetration
Scorch: Abilities will burn the target for 3s dealing 2/2.5/3% of the target’s current hp as magic damage lasting 10s

Kugura Item Build #5 Blood Wings
+150 Magic Power
Nirvana: adds 2 HP for every 1 point of magic power added

Kugura Item Build #6 Fleeting Time/Necklace of durance/Devil Tears
Situational based. I like to format my gear setting in this manner so that i can switch accordingly. Fleeting Time gives more magic power and cool down reduction. Necklace of durance is a counter for heal, which is useful in cancelling out regeneration effect. Devil Tears simply provide insane amount of magic penetration.

Skill 1:[Seimei Umbrella Open]
Moves seimei umbrella to the designated area dealing 300pts of magic damage to the enemies along the way and slowing their movement speed by 60%

Skill 2:[Rasho umbrella flee]
With seimei umbrella : using the skill will remove all debuffs from the hero, kagura moves in the spesified direction and leaves umbrella on the spot. Without seimei umbrella : Kagura Moves to the umbrella’s position and retrieve it, dealing 205 pts of magic damage to the nearby enemies

Ultimate:[Yin yang overtum]
With seimei umbrella : deals 300 pts of magic damage, knocking back nearby enemies and slowing them down. without seimei umbrella : Generates a link with the umbrella for 6sc and refreshes the cooldown seimei umbrella open immediately. when the umbrella moves any enemy touched by the link also will be slowed down and receive 225 pts of magic damage

Passive:[Yin Yang gathering]
When the hero and Seimei umbrella Become as one, will create a shield absorbing 300pts of magic damage and stun nearby enemy 0.45 seconds, slowing them down. this effect can only be triggered by a 4,5s
at most. (will not affect the cooldown of this skill)

With the current meta, Kagura is definitely worth purchasing in Mobile Legends. Kagura’s reworked ultimate turns her into an unplayable foe in certain situations. However, Moonton does have the tenancy to nerf and buff hero in every patch. If you are looking for a hero to play long term, Kagura might not be a wise option to spend your precious battle points on.

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