Mobile Legends : Karrie Item, Skill Build and Strategy Guide

Mobile Legends has released another new hero and behold marksman players, because you are in for another treat. If you enjoy using Marksman that deals a lot of physical to your opponents to get the kills, Karrie the Lost Star suits you. Point to note, she might be the next Karina or Estes that gets banned in every ranked match due to the overwhelming complains stating that she is overpowered. I have played countless of matches with Karrie and YES, Karrie is insanely overpowered at the moment.

Besides damage, Karrie has tons of mobility when it comes to phantom steps. With a cooldown of 3 seconds when maxed, Karrie is able to deal large amount of damage even while escaping from enemy. To engage with Karrie, simply turn on your ultimate and phantom steps will deal twice the damage which is insanely high. Coupled with Spinning light wheel, getting first blood in the mid lane is not as tough as it used to be. Other marksmen are simply no match in 1 on 1 situations.


Choosing the correct Emblem plays an important role in ranked matches. Be sure to select the correct Emblem before starting the game.


+ Karrie has insanely high damage with phantom steps. Damage is doubled when ultimate is turned on.

+ Karrie has high mobility with a cooldown of 3 second, it is very hard to solo kill her.

+ Karrie has insanely high attack speed in late game, destroying tanks in seconds.


– Squishy, low defence and health points

– Insanely high mana consumption, i always had to get blue buff to make my karrie perform at it’s peak

– Single Target unlike Moskov or Miya, jungle mobs or lane creeps might hinder Karrie in team fights

– Though phantom step has a low cool down, distance traveled is relatively shorter compared to Moskov.

Karrie Item Build

Karrie Item Build

Item Build #1 Haas Claw

+70 Physical Attack
Unique: +20% Lifesteal
Unique Passive Insanity
When Hp drops below 40 percent, hero receives extra 10% additional life steal

Item Build #2 Swift Boots

+15% Attack Speed
Unique Effect
+40 Movement Speed

Item Build #3 Berserker Fury

+65 Physical Attack
+25% Critical Strike Chance
Unique Effect
+40% Crit Damage
Unique Passive Doom
Crit strikes will increase one’s physical attack 5%, lasting 2s.

Item Build #4 Windtalker

+25% Attack Speed
+20 Movement Speed
+20% Critical Strike Chance
Unique Passive Typhoon
After every 5 basic attacks, the next basic attack must deal 125 magic damage to 3 enemies.
Unique Passive Activate
Each time Typhoon is cast, one’s movement speed will be increased 5% for a short time.

Item Build #5 Scarlet Phantom

+30 Physical Attack
+40% Attack Speed
+10% Critical Strike Chance
Unique Passive – Frenzy

Item Build #6 Magic Blade/Deadly Blade/Immortality

Situational based. I like to format my gear setting in this manner so that i can switch accordingly. Magic Blade gives more physical damage and a small shield to protect you when HP is low. Deadly blade is a counter for heal, which is useful if your opponent has an estes. Immortality helps when you just need that resurrection if you happened to be targeted.

Skill Build

  • To max phantom step FIRST

Spinning Lightwheel
Releases flywheels that stop at target location, dealing 200/235/270/305/340/375 physical damage on the path and slowing them by 60%/60%/60%/60%/60%/60%, dealing 100/110/120/130/140/150 physical damage to the enemies nearby the target location and slowing them

Spinning Lightwheel is also a great help for initiating enemies. She releases a lightwheel damaging and slowing the targets on the path.

Moves towards the direction while releasing a flywheel to the most nearby enemy, dealing 150/175/200/225/250/275 damage. Releases 2 flywheels on ultimate state.

Phantomstep helps you to chase enemy heroes because of the teleport effect of it. You can also use this skill to initiate opponents and escaping from possible ganking rotation of your opponent

Speedy Lightwheel
Enters Double Lock mode in the next 6/8/10s, increasing movement speed and releasing 2 lightwheels at basic attack while each basic attack deals 50%/53%/56% damage.

Lightwheel Mark
Adds a Lightwheel Mark to the enemy at each basic attack or skill. When Lightwheel Mark is added up to 5 marks at the target, they become actual lightwheel, piercing the target and dealing 7%/-13% true damage of max HP, damage is up to 300 towards jungle monsters.

Karrie Epilogue
Alaghat is a mysterious technique empire. There lives a strange humanoid race – Yasson. They are in human shape while having a pair of deformed feet. They are agile and born to fight. Meanwhile, they are also good at techniques that allow them to create a significant civilization and to invade the others. Since Karrie was a child, she was very talented and trained into an excellent and arrogant warrior leader, but at the same time, she lost her feelings and became a machine. During one battle, she was overconfident and got injured seriously. But a prophet from another race saved her and inject his consciousness into her brain. Since then there has been a voice in her head, the prophet told her that the ruin of her empire is about to come and there will be no Yasson anymore. After her escape from death, Karrie didn\’t believe it. But she started to suspect it after returning to her empire. For saving her empire, for her redemption, Karrie chose to believe and came to the Land of Dawn. What kind of destiny is waiting for her?

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