Mobile Legends Level Up Fast Guide

Mobile legends level up fast

Mobile legends level up fast

In this post, I will cover on the following topic Mobile Legends level up fast. Many of you might wonder if the level system in Mobile Legends have any impact on the overall gameplay. The answer may sound confusing, it is generally a yes and no. The level limit in Mobile Legend is capped at level 30 currently. Although being at maxed level doesn’t grant your hero additional damage or skills effect, it does however unlocks more battle spells and achievements when you reach the next higher level. With a larger pool of battle spells and emblem fragments received from achievement reward, you are likely to perform better in ranked matches.

Battle Spell

Only battle spell execute is granted at level 1 of the game. Other popular battle spells such as Flicker for example requires level 19 to unlock. Without sufficient level, you may realise that there are limitations on your choice of battle spell. While some players may use sprint over flicker, the true effect of Flicker which allows you to escape from ganks can never be replaced. Currently, battle spell Iron Wall requires the highest level to unlock at the moment.

How to level fast?

With the above mentioned, how do you actually level up fast? Currently, there is an item in the cash shop which grants double experience point called Double EXP Card which comes in form of 1 day, 3 days or 7 days, costing 40, 80 and 160 diamonds respectively. The card, as its name suggest grants double experience after every battle. With a 3 day double experience card, you get to save 40 diamonds and 120 diamonds if you opted for the 7 days card. After which, play as many classic or ranked games to simply level up fast


While I wish that there were more ways to level up fast in Mobile Legends, the only way is to activate the double experience card effect and grind your way slowly up. While level doesn’t make a difference to your hero’s damage, it certainly does impact your arsenal of battle spells. With the current cap of level 30, if you are not in need of any battle spell, my recommendation would be to slowly grind your level instead of using the double experience card.

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