Mobile Legends : Moskov Item Build and Strategy Guide

To play Moskov well, you have to farm up fast and engage fights in a strategic position as the hero has really squishy health points and defence. Moskov has great lane and farming ability which allows him to solo the middle lane. You can consider getting a Hunter’s Knife at the start of the game to speed up the farming process, coupled with retribution to farm jungle fast.

In team fights, strategic position is key for marksman. Hide behind tanks and stay away from opponent’s fighter and mages, always remember to trigger your abyss walker for the additional attack speed of 30% before engaging in a fight. Despite the nerf, Moskov is still great as a marksman but it is never going to perform as it was before. Below are some of the pros and cons after the nerf update on Moskov.


Choosing the correct Emblem plays an important role in ranked matches. Be sure to select the correct Emblem before starting the game.


+ Moskov’s basic attack has penetrating effect, you will be able to kill enemy heroes even if they are hiding behind a tank.

+ Despite the nerf, late game Moskov still performs as well.

+ Global ultimate to slay enemies with low hp


– After nerf, moskov is REALLY weak in early game

– With the introduction of Karrie, Moskov is often outplayed in mid lane

– Lolita’s shield is a great counter to Moskov’s penetrating effect

– Have to be cautious with Mana consumption.

 Item Build

Moskov Item Build

Moskov Item Build

Item Build #1 Haas Claw

+70 Physical Attack
Unique: +20% Lifesteal
Unique Passive Insanity
When Hp drops below 40 percent, hero receives extra 10% additional life steal

Item Build #2 Swift Boots

+15% Attack Speed
Unique Effect
+40 Movement Speed

Item Build #3 Berserker Fury

+65 Physical Attack
+25% Critical Strike Chance
Unique Effect
+40% Crit Damage
Unique Passive Doom
Crit strikes will increase one’s physical attack 5%, lasting 2s.

Item Build #4 Windtalker

+25% Attack Speed
+20 Movement Speed
+20% Critical Strike Chance
Unique Passive Typhoon
After every 5 basic attacks, the next basic attack must deal 125 magic damage to 3 enemies.
Unique Passive Activate
Each time Typhoon is cast, one’s movement speed will be increased 5% for a short time.

Item Build #5 Scarlet Phantom

+30 Physical Attack
+40% Attack Speed
+10% Critical Strike Chance
Unique Passive – Frenzy

Item Build #6 Magic Blade of Despair/Deadly Blade/Immortality

Situational based. I like to format my gear setting in this manner so that i can switch accordingly. Blade of Despair gives more physical damage and a boost in attack speed. Deadly blade is a counter for heal, which is useful if your opponent has an estes. Immortality helps when you just need that resurrection if you happened to be targeted.

Skill Build

To Max Abyss Walker FIRST!

Abyss Walker

Moskov uses the power of shadow to teleport to the specified position, enhancing attack\’s penetration ability and increasing 30%/40%/50%/60%/70%/80% of attack speed, lasting 3/3/3/3/3/3s.

Spear of Death

Moskov strikes at an enemy hero with full strength, dealing 140/160/180/200/220/240 pts of physical damage and knocking back the target. If the airborne target collides with another enemy hero, then both of them will receive 210/240/270/300/330/360 pts of physical damage and be stunned for 1/1/1/1/1/1s. If knocking into obstacles, the target will be stunned for 2/2/2/2/2/2s. The enemy that\’s hit by the skill cannot go in stealth for a short while.

Spear of Destruction

Moskov throws out the Spear of Destruction after powering up shortly, dealing 450/550/650 pts of physical damage to enemies along a straight line. Every enemy it hits increases 10/20/30 pts of physical attack to Moskov, stacking up to 5 times, lasting 5/5/5s.

Spear of Quiescence

Moskov\’s basic attack can penetrate the targets and deal damage to enemies behind them. If the basic attack hits enemies successfully, the cooldown of Abyss Walker and Spear of Death will reduce by 0.7s.


Moskov, shooting to fame during the Dhamu Tournament, was already a battle master at his youth. He inherited the family\’s occult spear fighting skills, and as the next leader of the clan Wildsand, he was loved and respected by many. Watching Wildsand clan growing stronger day by day, the khan of Thornwolf which is the hegemony on Hietala Grassland couldn\’t sit back any longer. One day when the youngsters of Wildsand went out hunting, he slaughtered the entire clan with his own people. The whole land was scorched by blazing flames of war. Blood flowed like stream, yet a slight warmth still remained on the bodies of died families and friends. Faced with this cruel vision, Moskov could not persuade himself to accept it. But even worse, khan dispatched a formidable cavalty trying to hunt down the Moskov\’s hunting party which was the only survivors from the massacre. In a panic, some escaped and some wanted to surrender, and Moskov, for the very first time, lifted his spear and aimed at his own buddies. Suffering from this painful experience, Moskov became ruthless with a thought of revenge haunting him constantly. However, the khan was too strong to defeat. In order to obtain more power, Moskov chose to fall into the Abyss of Shadow and serve the Queen of Doom, becoming notorious as \’the Spear of Quiescence\’ ever since

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