Mobile Legends Saber Item Build and Skill Strategy Guide

Mobile Legends Saber

Mobile Legends Saber

If you have been keeping tabs on MSC2017, you will notice that Saber belongs to the ‘Fragile One’ – averaging about 7 deaths in every match. But seriously, should that stop you from using Saber?

Saber belongs to the assassin category in Mobile Legends. He is extremely squishy compared to other assassins out there but he is also very deadly. Saber’s trademark has to be his ultimate Triple Sweep where enemy hero is knocked airborne and slashed 3 times by Saber.

To make up for his squishiness, Saber’s 2nd skill Charge is a repositioning skill allows him to teleport out of immediate danger – 4 Swords will return to Saber when Charge is used during Flying Sword’s activation period.

Interesting Fact – Saber’s attack will decrease enemy’s armour by 7, stacking up to 5 layers lasting 5 seconds.


Mobile Legends Saber costs 6500 battle points or 254 diamonds.


Choosing the correct Emblem plays an important role in ranked matches. Be sure to select the correct Emblem before starting the game.

Saber Item Build

Saber Item Build

Saber Item Build #1 Magic Shoes
+10% Cooldown Reduction, +40 Movement Speed

Saber Item Build #2 Bloodlust Axe
+70 Physical Attack, +10% Cool down Reduction
Unique – Bloodthirsty: When skill cause damage, heals 20% of damage as health points.

Saber Item Build #3 Magic Blade
+60 Physical attack, +24 Magic Resistance
Lifeline: When HP drops below 30%, get one shield that can absord 510-1350 damage. (Increases with level)

Saber Item Build #4 Malefic Roar
+60 Physical Attack, +40% Physical Penetration
Unique – Buster: Basic Attack ignores 20% of turret’s defence.

Saber Item Build #5 Hunter’s Blade
+100 Physical Attack, +10% Cooldown Reduction
Unique – Pursue: Attacking enemy 5 times in a row will enhance movement speed for 2s

Saber Item Build #6 Blade of Despair/Deadly Blade/Immortality
Situational based. I like to format my gear setting in this manner so that I can switch accordingly. Blade of Despair gives more physical damage and a boost in attack speed. Deadly blade is a counter for heal, which is useful if your opponent has an Estes. Immortality respawns you with 15% of health points + shield after death.

Skill Build

Saber Skill Build

Saber Skill Build

Saber’s skill ability is generally quite evenly distributed, making him the jack of all trades.

Triple Sweep -> Flying Sword -> Charge


Mobile Legends’s Saber is a definite team player that will not strive by himself. His ability to initiate fights often put him in a near death situations – explains the high death rate in MSC2017. Saber does require exquisite controls to fully utilize his farming abilities and skill combinations. For 6500 battle points, he is definitely worth purchasing.

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